19 Amazing Benefits of Mangosteen (Mangustan) For Skin and Health


Considered to be a native fruit of Indonesia, Mangosteen (or Garcinia mangostana), is oftentimes referred to as the “Queen of the Tropical Fruits”, most especially in the South East Asian regions. It is divided into 3 major parts: the deep purple rind, the white edible flesh, and the seeds. Although its outer shell is hard, it can be opened easily.

Mangosteen Health Benefits

For a long time now, mangosteen has been a part of traditional medicine among many Asian countries. Since the 18th century, mangosteen has been known for its health benefits. It is full of essential nutrients that our body needs for normal growth and development. Below are some of its health benefits:

1. Antioxidants

Xanthones, a type of naturally occurring polyphenol is found in mangosteen. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is beneficial against many heart diseases. Furthermore, these antioxidants heal cells that are damaged by free radicals, and thus slow down aging.

2. Low Calories

With only 63 calories per 100 grams, mangosteen is considered to be low in calories. Moreover, it has no saturated fats. What mangosteen has are dietary fibers which are essential for people who want to lose some weight.

3. Vitamin C

Consuming mangosteens is good for you. The fruit is rich in vitamin C which is important for building resistance against various diseases and infections.

4. Blood Flow

Mangosteen consumption can prevent cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, heart congestion, and severe chest pains by improving the blood flow through the dilation of blood vessels.

5. Reduces Cholesterol

Since it is packed with powerful nutrients, mangosteen is effective in reducing our body’s cholesterol level. Aside from this, it controls our triglycerides level, making sure that our heart is working properly.

6. Tuberculosis

Besides improving our immune system, mangosteen contains strong antibacterial and antifungal properties which aid in fighting tuberculosis.

7. Cancer

It’s good to know that by eating mangosteen, you can reduce your chance of getting cancer. Due to its being a strong and effective antioxidant, it fights against free radicals that destroy our cells.

Mangosteen is full of essential nutrients that our body needs for normal growth and development | PicHelp

8. Blood Pressure

Mangosteen also contains potassium which protects our heart from diseases. This leads to healthy heart rate and blood pressure.

9. Anti-inflammatory

If you’re suffering from sciatica pains, eating mangosteen for 2 to 3 times a day will relieve your pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties and cox-2 inhibitor effects.

10. Alzheimer’s

Studies found out that putting mangosteen into our everyday diet can help improve our cognitive function and memory. Mangosteens are capable of reducing amyloid beta plaques and tau proteins. Furthermore, the presence of xanthones in mangosteen inhibits the activity of cholinesterase which catalyses certain neurotransmitters breakdown which is important for optimal memory function.

11. Acne

Are you suffering from acne, skin blemishes, oily or dry skin? If yes, then start eating mangosteen. This fruit contains antibacterial and antimicrobial compounds which will help you with your skin problems.

12. Cell Repair

When compared to other fruits, mangosteen has the highest amount of xanthones, which repair damaged cells in our body and then protect them.

13. Body Weight

Mangosteen can help you reduce your weight. The xanthones present in this wonderful fruit prevent weight gain by burning down fats.

14. Gum Disease

The gel found in mangosteen helps cure the gum disease called periodontitis.

15. Menstruation

Did you know that women in Malaysia use mangosteen to regulate their menstruation? Aside from this, consuming mangosteen can reduce PMS symptoms like dizziness, mood swings, and hypertension.

16. Stomach disorders

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, mangosteen leaves and barks are used to treat diarrhea, dysentery, thrush, and urinary disorders.

17. Anti – Aging

As abovementioned, mangosteen is richly filled with antioxidants. One of these antioxidants is called catechin, which fights free radicals. So if you want to stay looking young, start eating mangosteen!

18. Energy Booster

Mangosteen will make you look and feel more refreshed and energized through its various nutrients.

19. Viral infections

Mangosteen’s xanthones attack fungal and viral infections naturally. They also aid in inhibiting attacks of certain carcinogens on your skin.