Boyfriend Puts Engagement Ring In Front Of His GF As Many Times As He Can Without Her Noticing


A strong relationship, based on love and respect, usually ends up with an engagement and marriage, and popping the question remains one of the most exciting moments at this stage of the relationship.

When Edi Okoro realized he wanted to spend his life with his girlfriend Cally Read, he bought the engagement ring but decided to wait for the right moment.

He knew that if he planned a holiday or a fancy meal, she would immediately know what he is up to, so he started taking the engagement ring everywhere he went, so he could pop the question whenever the moment came up.

Yet, the moment never came, and after about a month, while he was sitting in the living room staring at the ring, Cally almost caught him, and this was the inspiration for the idea.

He didn’t just wait anymore, but paraded the ring around her all the time, to check how much he could get away before she noticed it. Edi documented the ring challenge with photos.

He ended up with about 20 photos and two videos, all with Cally oblivious to the fact that her future engagement ring was in the frame with her.

He wrote that his idea was to take as many photos, in more daring scenarios, until he found the perfect moment to propose, or until he got caught, at which point he would propose!

Take a look at these hilarious photos from his unique collection “How I Proposed To Cally”:

Chillin’ on the couch with the ring while his girlfriend is in the kitchen behind him

He left the engagement ring in her jewelry plate for two days

Left it in her jewellery plate for two days… she didn’t see it 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣Ring by: Hockley Jewellers

Posted by Edi Okoro on Monday, 26 August 2019

He wore the ring first

She had no clue that her boyfriend holds her engagement ring

She might be dreaming of her engagement ring while Edi holds it in front of her

Keep getting better

He brings it always with him

She is conveniently turned the opposite direction

This one is soo close!

He is having too much fun!

She can’t see well without glasses, so he can get the ring very close without her noticing

Too close for comfort!

He is just too happy posing with the ring!

Photos with both of them are the best

He brought it on their vacation

She plays on her phone while he is doing his challenge

In another Facebook post, Edi revealed that he had finally proposed to his girlfriend, and posted a photo of the two together, with a caption:

“We took this photo not long after she said YES. She didn’t know about this library until several weeks later. My smile is a ‘you know nothing Cally Read’ smile.”

So we did end up getting engaged, and no I didn’t get caught 😉…..but how I did it is a story for another time 🤣 stay…

Posted by Edi Okoro on Saturday, 31 August 2019

So, this challenge is a pretty clever idea for all those who are planning to do the same, as it bring so much fun before the “I SAID YES” part!