Bridging Postgraduate Fellowship to help lung cancer research


Congratulations to Dr Elizabeth Ahern on receiving a $60,000 Bridging Postgraduate Fellowship for her research on tumour immunology.

Monash Health Clinical Oncologist, Dr Ahern relocated from Brisbane in September 2020 to further her career as a clinician scientist in tumour immunology and this award will advance her research in the immunology of lung cancer.  The award will enable her to collaborate with Monash scientists to examine the immunological mechanisms underpinning response and resistance to anti-PD1 immune checkpoint blockade in sequential on-treatment biopsies.

Dr Ahern said, “I was thrilled to receive this award to help establish my research career at Monash alongside my recent appointment as a clinical oncologist at Monash Health.  This award is key for me to establish my research program in lung cancer and I will have one year of research salary support while I establish a unique biobank derived from metastatic lung cancer patients who we are treating with immunotherapy at Monash “.