Cancer specialist returns to Kingman to provide state-of-the-art care | Kingman Daily Miner


KINGMAN – A vastly experienced oncology and hematology specialist is returning to Kingman to deliver the cancer care after 14 years away.

Dr, Shahid Malik has joined Colton Health after the company acquired Mohtaseb Cancer Center and Blood Disorders, Colton Health wrote in a news release.

Malik has a long and illustrious career in cancer treatment. He graduated from Dow Medical University in Pakistan in 1984 and completed his residency in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1993.

Following on from that he completed his HEM/ONC fellowship in 1996 and stem cell transplant the following year from Brown University, Rhode Island.

Malik began his association with Kingman in 2003 when he became director of the Kingman Cancer Center before leaving to work in Las Vegas in 2006.

Now, he is back and looking forward to working for the newly expanded Colton Health.

“My decision to join Colton Health was an easy one; I’d worked in Kingman in the past and am familiar with the incredibly friendly community,” Malik said.

Carol Miller, commercial manager at Colton Health, said “this is a double celebration for us. We’re delighted to be bringing our own unique health care treatments to Kingman, and it’s wonderful to have someone of the calibre of Dr. Mailk, who knows the area so well, to spearhead our new location.”

Malik’s appointment means Colton Health will step up its cancer treatments in Kingman. Patients will be able to take advantage of same- or next-day appointments as well as groundbreaking procedures such as liquid biopsies.

“I’m looking forward to bringing my experience of state-of-the-art cancer treatment to Kingman and meeting the local community again. I can’t wait to get started on delivering the highest quality of care to the area,” Malik said.

Information provided by Colton Health