How Mediterranean diet can help combat depression


Within the last eight years of various extensive researches, experts found out that eating a Mediterranean diet may help fight depression. This diet relies greatly on eating fruits, vegetables, olive oil, grains, nuts, and fish and not too much on other meat and dairy products. It appears that eating these foods promotes good mood.

Food for Good Mood

Describing the relationship between mood and food is quite challenging. A lot of factors might also be in play with regards to these two variables. It is nothing but important for researchers to consider the following findings:

  1. Individuals suffering from depression may experience loss of appetite and motivation to take good care of themselves.
  2. Individuals who consider themselves happy are more inclined to maintain healthy lifestyles, such as avoidance of drinking alcohol which is a popular mood depressant.
  3. It is assumed that eating bad foods, e.g. sugary processed foods, increases the likelihood of depression. Thus, it is necessary for individuals to remove these from their diets as soon as they can.

Indeed, it is very important to have tightly controlled variables in the testing of the link between mood and food, particularly between depression and Mediterranean diet.

More Trials, More Reliable and Valid Results

A professor of metabolic medicine at the University of Glasgow named Naveed Sattar has sent a word caution to those who want to try consuming a plant-based diet to improve their mental health. He said that even though eating healthier foods is good for many reasons, there should be more pieces of evidence available regarding the benefits of plant-based diets to our mental health. Hence, he suggested that future researches on the topic should administer large randomized trials on people with depression.

Stephen Buckley of Mind, a mental health charity, greatly believed that there’s a powerful relationship between what we eat and how we feel. He also agreed that eating a healthy diet and doing regular physical activities are good for us. Moreover, he said that mood-altering products like sugar, caffeine, and alcohol must be cut down to boost our mood and energy.

Eating a Mediterranean diet may help fight depression / PicHelp

Aside from the mental health benefits of eating traditional Mediterranean diet, research has shown that it can lower the risk of developing heart diseases by reducing the probability of getting type II diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. The researchers also found out that individuals who strictly follow a Mediterranean diet live longer and are less likely to get fat.

For starters, a common Mediterranean diet is composed of fruits, vegetables, beans, and cereal products such wholegrain bread, brown rice, and pasta. Furthermore, it includes fair amounts of fish, white meat, and some dairy products. A combination of all these foods brings health benefits. However, it is important to note that the key here is the inclusion of healthy fats in the diet.

If you’re having some problems on with regard to your mental health, quickly speak to your doctor.