Jobs in California: City of Hope hiring medical and non-medical positions

With the economy continuing to take a downward hit, more and more people are filing for unemployment benefits, but there are some industries that are hiring.

Kety Duron, City of Hope’s chief human resources and diversity officer, joined ABC7 via Skype to jobs in healthcare.

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What types of positions are available at City of Hope?
“We have a number of positions. Cancer doesn’t stop because of COVID-19. As a matter of fact, comprehensive cancer centers like City of Hope are uniquely prepared to provide that immediate care to our cancer patients. To do that, we have to continue recruiting for those critical clinical roles. So we’re right now recruiting for clinical nurses, phlebotomists, radiation therapists, pharmacy techs, pharmacies. And to complete that unique care we provide, our support roles are still very important. So we still have open positions in our IT, in Epic (a hospital software system), in our finance, in human resources. If any of our viewers are looking for a position right now, I would encourage them to look at our website and select careers,” said Duron.

What are some of the benefits of being part of the team at City of Hope?
“City of Hope is a great employer. One of our culture and our strong values. As a matter of fact, I want to share in my background you will see our credo, ‘There is no profit in healing the body, if in the process you destroy the soul,’ and that’s what drives us and that’s what guides us,” said Duron. “We provide a very competitive compensation and benefits package. We’re known for our world class cancer care research and also the clinical training we provide to our staff.”

In addition to medical staff, what other positions in other areas are you looking to hire at City of Hope?
“We’re looking for IT folks that can support our Epic applications, our systems in the background that support the patient care support we provide, but I have to say we’re still looking for chefs, people in our nutrition services, for security guards, we’re looking for support people,” said Duron.

Is most of the job application process online?
“We have moved everything since COVID-19 to remote,” said Duron.

Are any of the open positions – virtual jobs?

“A lot of those positions, specifically the IT ones, in HR, finance, will be virtual jobs,” said Duron.

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