Memorial Health System’s Cancer Center now fully open


PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) – The Memorial Health System’s Cancer Center in Belpre opened up its second floor Monday, marking the final phase of opening. It’s a project that’s been years in the making.

When you first step foot in Memorial Health System’s Cancer Center it feels like you’re in a fancy hotel rather than a medical facility.

While interior decor is a plus, the big goal has been centralization.

Director of Oncology Stacey Wyer said, “It’s going to be huge for patients to be able to just come to one location for all those appointments.”

For years, cancer patients and providers have traveled back and forth between the Marietta and Belpre locations. Having all cancer and oncology services under one roof will not only save patients time but will make planning more efficient.

Doctor Kelli Cawley explained, “When we make a plan, a multidisciplinary plan, surgical oncology, radiation oncology, and medical oncology will all be in one building and the plan would be able to be formulated the same day.”

The center houses technology like the CyberKnife, which treats tumors without making a single cut. It also has breast cancer screening machines more precise than mammograms.

While some technology is there for practical reasons, some is there for comfort.

Jerry Weaver, a business relations specialist at Memorial Health System, said, “At the patient side at the infusion chairs, we’re going to have interactive televisions so we’ll have movies on demand, we’ll have patient education videos…,”

Technology won’t be the only aspect of the center meant to bring relief. There will eventually be a healing garden as well.

Weaver explained, “The healing garden will be different plants in areas on the pathway and walkway so that you know, people when they’re here for hours at a time, their family members will have a nice place to go between treatments.”

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