Pikeville Medical Center seeing positive results in cancer clinical trials


PIKEVILLE,Ky. (WSAZ) – A new type of drug designed to treat pancreatic cancer has been given fast-track approval after cancer patients are seeing improvements at Pikeville Medical Center.

“These are trials for FDA approval and, in fact, one of the trials we have for advanced pancreatic (cancer), that trial just received fast track status from the FDA. So the FDA says this is the hottest thing right now for pancreatic cancer,” said Dr.Chris Croot.

Participation in a clinical trial with patients is one of the last steps before seeking the Food and Drug Administration’s approval for a new drug.

Pikeville Medical Center offers multiple trials.

“We try to target trials that impact our population. We have trials for pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, trials for lung cancer, bladder cancer. And we have trials for cancer prevention,” Croot said.

Cancer Clinical Trials offer another option for patients who tried traditional treatment and didn’t see positive results.

“With cancer, it changes and treatment has to change also. We have different genetic mutations. If we don’t do this we are going to keep hearing the bad stories of the poor prognosis, not the success stories,” said Leandra Johnson, clinical research coordinator at Pikeville Medical Center.

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